RatBall Roadtrip 2022

Ratball Roadtrip 2022 Occupation of Åland

Do you own a beautiful classic car or an impressive hobby car? Can't you find action for your summer vacation? Join us in driving with a friend, spouse or child for the second time arranged Ratball-Roadtrip from 2 July 2022 to 9 July 2022!

In July 2022, Rengastien Autotarvike and sponsors will again arrange Ratball-Roadtrip. On this trip we drive with a nice group together from Seinäjoki to Paimela, where we take part in the Cruising evening on Route 24. From there, we will continue our journey to Turku, Naantali, Åland, Porvoo and many other beautiful places.

The total distance is about 1500-2500 km, depending on the teams desire to drive and route choices. During this event we drive for eight days and we spend seven nights in good hotels. We have tried to build the day journeys so loosely that we can drive peacefully all the way and take breaks at our own pace. It's not a car race, it's a summer holiday trip for car hobbyists . Last in row drives our service car that checks that all arrive at duration.

Those attending road trip includes car hobbyists and collectors. Attending are different types of groups, couples, friends and some may have a child attending also.

During this trip you can talk about cars ! So get started and make your application !

Last years participating cars will all be able to participate directly if they wish, and we will add about ten new cars to our Roadtrip. You should concentrate on the application!

Immediately after approval, a reservation fee of 1000€ will be charged to the approved car team, which will not be returned if for some reason you need to cancel attending. In other hand, carefully plan your application and make sure that the whole car team is able to take a holiday for 2-9.7.2022.