First time arranged RatBall 2021 Road trip to north, we are searching for sponsors to attend trip with us. Attending teams consist of various classic cars and spectacular hobby cars.

As a sponsor you will get visibility on events internet page, Facebook and Instagram. During this event these channels will update many pictures and videos regarding event. Attending car teams also will update their internet pages. Each team receives event shirt that includes sponsors logo.

You can sponsor with preferred sponsor package.

Package 1, 1500€

  • Your logo for attending car teams, size 25cm
  • Logo for events internet page
  • Advertisement Instagram and Facebook

Package 2, 3000€

  • Includes advertisement tapings with your logo for attending car teams, size 50 cm
  • Logo for events internet page
  • Logo for YouTube–videos
  • Logo for shirts
  • Advertisement Instagram and Facebook

For all packages logo might be visible for other pint and internet releases (if you prefer).

We can also tailor appropriate package for this historical event.

Please contact us ratball (at) ratoy.fi!